Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still alive

See? Look! i'm not dead.
I haven't been working alot lately, but i'm definetly still alive, getting prepared to come back in forth.
Last scene i shot was a week ago, with Mr. Brandon "thick cock" Iron, probably one of my best scenes in carrer, simply because for the first time i was actually playing a role. It's an innovation for the classic "sexy schoolgirl", since i was just acting so chaotic, inspiring myself from the movie "thirteen", you know the "look, mom; no bra, no panties" part. So for the first time ever, the sexy schoolgirl is not dominated anymore.

She takes over the cock.

So the main reason why i haven't been working lately is because i'm taking a break.
A big, long break from everything.
As you all know, i just broke up with my boyfriend who couldnt accept the fact that i'm a pornstar.
So i packed my stuff and left, and at the moment i'm staying at my mother's house, far away in the country.
Even tho i'm looking for an appartment, i,m still taking advantage of this well deserved vacation.

I was seriously about to burn out.

So i have a new set coming up for suicide girls, a very fresh one, more of a "europa fashion-ish" one than a "hardcore porn-ish" one, but very interesting. Me and my photographer, Sharon, met in that huge parc somewhere in Montreal, in the middle of the day. It was really funny to shoot there because there was a ton of people passing by, being curious, crashing their bike in trees, ect. Loves it. Here's a little preview;

keep you posted. =D


Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am the Canadian Queen of Slimy BJS

I am so fucking pissed right now.
It's like all the L.A. agencies are being stupid. "No U.S. id? then fuck you. Go shoot some gonzo shit in mtl for the rest of your fucking life".
No matter how much potential and energy you have, no matter how good looking you are, no one gives a shit because L.A. is where it's at.  And not where i am.
And i HATE custom officers. I would definetly buttfuck them with broken bottles (lol).
Each and everyone of em.
Because i am the canadian queen of slimy bjs, and my booty will go far.

Got up at 4 pm today, just in time for my scene with Brandon Iron.
Forgot for which site, tho... Will come back about this.

So i am currently looking for a good agent who CARES and is able to help me get an id because Montreal's porn industry is fucking dead.
I have someone in mind i have to call in a couple of days, so we'll see.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

wild nights in... Montréal, oui!

Usually when i go out in L.A or in Vegas, or even in europe, guys tend to take pictures of me and pay me drinks, or at least blink at me because we both know who i am. I'm not saying they all do it, but still, some of them do.

Strangely, tho, when i go out in montreal, which is where i live most of the time, no one recognizes me. And it's a good thing to go incognito as long as people don't look at you laughing when you tell them that you're a pornstar. No joke. I met this guy last night who asks me what i do for a living, and he wouldnt believe me!
It's hard to say if its insulting or not, but either way, i kinda felt small in my shoes..
Its probably due to the fact that there's very few pornstars in montreal. But hey, i'm still here!

I guess it feels good to be a big fish in a small aquarium... or is that what they say? anyways.

I went to this club last night called the ballroom. Jocks, douches, careless drunk cunts, and bad music.
Me and my girlfriend basically sat at the bar the whole night. Fortunately, it got spiced up when we got out to smoke and that, for some weird reason, i lost my friend to the arms of some guy, who lost me to the arms of a.... Calvin Klein male model.


                                                                     Thanks Montreal =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to my blog

I am Layla Labelle, the one and only.
Just to make the introduction quicker, here i am:

I have been in the porn industry for a little over a year.
I started right after (like really, right after) my 18th birthday.
In that year, i have worked with several companies,
 including Adam&Eve, the largest distributor of porn movies and toys.

I am mostly remembered for my curvaceous body, my tight, round booty,
my sexy french accent, my enthusiasm towards sex,
my sex-positive attitude and my kinkyness (yes, watersports in deed)

I am also a musician. I play guitar, i sing, i write and i compose music.
I am mostly a jazz singer but i have been playing guitar in an all girl porn star rock band called "tight".
They actually made a reality show about our america tour, last summer.
The members are Monica Mayhem at the vocals,
                              Tuesday Cross at the bass guitar,
                                                                      and Alicia Andrews, a new coming at porn and at the drums.
                    Oh and moi, at the guitar =)

Tight the band,
on air in 2011.

Anyways, i wanna say thanks to all of my fans for coming and read my blog and i promise to update it as often as i can. Love you guys =)