Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still alive

See? Look! i'm not dead.
I haven't been working alot lately, but i'm definetly still alive, getting prepared to come back in forth.
Last scene i shot was a week ago, with Mr. Brandon "thick cock" Iron, probably one of my best scenes in carrer, simply because for the first time i was actually playing a role. It's an innovation for the classic "sexy schoolgirl", since i was just acting so chaotic, inspiring myself from the movie "thirteen", you know the "look, mom; no bra, no panties" part. So for the first time ever, the sexy schoolgirl is not dominated anymore.

She takes over the cock.

So the main reason why i haven't been working lately is because i'm taking a break.
A big, long break from everything.
As you all know, i just broke up with my boyfriend who couldnt accept the fact that i'm a pornstar.
So i packed my stuff and left, and at the moment i'm staying at my mother's house, far away in the country.
Even tho i'm looking for an appartment, i,m still taking advantage of this well deserved vacation.

I was seriously about to burn out.

So i have a new set coming up for suicide girls, a very fresh one, more of a "europa fashion-ish" one than a "hardcore porn-ish" one, but very interesting. Me and my photographer, Sharon, met in that huge parc somewhere in Montreal, in the middle of the day. It was really funny to shoot there because there was a ton of people passing by, being curious, crashing their bike in trees, ect. Loves it. Here's a little preview;

keep you posted. =D



  1. FIght to stay alive Layla, fight to not be among the burnt out and dead. Don't let those motherfuckers ruin the only girl I find attractive on this faceless web.

  2. Hi Layla its possible we talk about music production ? kisses from Berlin =)