Sunday, August 22, 2010

wild nights in... Montréal, oui!

Usually when i go out in L.A or in Vegas, or even in europe, guys tend to take pictures of me and pay me drinks, or at least blink at me because we both know who i am. I'm not saying they all do it, but still, some of them do.

Strangely, tho, when i go out in montreal, which is where i live most of the time, no one recognizes me. And it's a good thing to go incognito as long as people don't look at you laughing when you tell them that you're a pornstar. No joke. I met this guy last night who asks me what i do for a living, and he wouldnt believe me!
It's hard to say if its insulting or not, but either way, i kinda felt small in my shoes..
Its probably due to the fact that there's very few pornstars in montreal. But hey, i'm still here!

I guess it feels good to be a big fish in a small aquarium... or is that what they say? anyways.

I went to this club last night called the ballroom. Jocks, douches, careless drunk cunts, and bad music.
Me and my girlfriend basically sat at the bar the whole night. Fortunately, it got spiced up when we got out to smoke and that, for some weird reason, i lost my friend to the arms of some guy, who lost me to the arms of a.... Calvin Klein male model.


                                                                     Thanks Montreal =)

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